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PHP Agency and Mediator Debt Solutions are making a difference across the nation! Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

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Specialists In Debt Solutions

From Credit Cards to Student Loans, we can help your clients acquire cash flow and/or trust and credibility simply by offering our much needed services.

Cash flow

How can we help with cash flow?

No Cash flow means no policies.

Our services offer clients the opportunity to acquire debt-relief and increase their cash flow which in turn provides you a chance to offer an insurance product or a career after become the source of much needed debt relief.

Debt Relief Means Trust

How so?

Here's how:

Acquiring debt relief is one of the most important things hovering over the millions of Americans plagued by debt. Imagine become the solutions to their strife and how much easier it will be to build a working relationship with them afterwards?

Student Loans

How many people are affected?

More than you think!

It’s 2017 there has been over $1.45 trillion in student loan debt among around 44 million borrowers. That’s about $620 billion more than the total credit card debt in the US!

Credit Card Debt

How can you help?

You can change a person's life!

Imagine paying $600+ towards unsecured debt knowing that most of it is going towards interest that is delaying your payoff date by many years! Now imagine being able to tell a customer that in about a year, their entire credit outlook can change!